Use these tactics to defeat the four enemies in the pit before climbing the rope Sully tosses you. From the fire escape, leap to the nearby platform, where Elena will discover a blocked gate. Inside, you'll find a barred entryway--shoot the wooden planks then continue onward to a section on the left blocked by debris--interact with it to clear it out of the way. Once at the far end, climb the pipe as high as you can, then leap to the nearby ledge by tilting the control stick toward it and tapping jump. Along the way though, you'll encounter quite a few enemies. Looking for Uncharted 2 treasures locations, puzzles solutions and how to finish the game? Seek cover behind one of the nearby walls facing out and take them down--there aren't too many left. Hop inside and open fire on the gunship, using the smoke trails to track it. Once he's down, take control of that machine gun and use it to rip through the remaining troops, such as those below, and on the nearby rooftop. Now remain here to pick off the remaining baddies. After some stuff happens, continue along the ledge to the right, then up to a red one, just above the statue's ear. Once he turns away, leap over to him via the signpost and platform on the left and perform a stealth kill. Once Chloe shines some light onto it, reposition it so the light is cast into the base of the green chandilier again, which will activate another nearby statue face. Climb down the stairs to a mirror--grab hold and reflect the light into the forehead of the statue ahead. Now drop down and follow the path across a second log. After Drake takes cover, you'll be given an opportunity to perform your first stealth kill--hopefully the first of many. Remember, you don't have a gun yet, so that should be your first priority. Except this time, you'll have to dodge several signal lights coming up alongside the train! Use your pistol to pick 'em off while hanging behind the sign for cover (if you do drop down, use the box for cover). Now cross over the pipe and leap to a yellow pipe just ahead--swing from it to the far platform, then leap to the central catwalk where your partner awaits. Now the moment you take him down, rapidly tap "Triangle" to grab his weapon mid-air--if you don't, it'll tumble to the ground below. When clear, jump to the next train car and shoot the enemies inside through the skylight. As for the hunters themselves, you should be able to pick them off easily with a crossbow by taking cover behind one of the central pillars. Start off by leaping across a few platforms to the far wall. Hold down the triangle button and spin the statue with the left analog stick so that it faces away from your character (spin 180 degrees). Continue along to the far edge and leap to the nearby wooden platform. Now a whole mess-ton of enemies are going to storm in. You may want to relocate to a second wall on the left to better target the enemies on the right left. Dart across the platform, but take cover as soon as some enemies drop in and focus on them first. Once switched, climb back up via the ladder to reunite with Chloe. Head inside and pull the switch to release the brake, causing it to careen through the wall, crashing just outside. If, however, you're waiting by a sac at the end of a long-stretch, try and seek cover nearby to evade Lazarevic's blast, while he gets close enough to the sac before detonating it. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Except this time, once you clear the interior, push forward and take cover near the exit to target a few more enemies on the platform ahead. At the closed gate ahead, take aim at the rocket launcher on a balcony above, before proceeding through. For now, we suggest to remain behind the statue for cover, peeking around it to take down the enemies beyond. After some more hits, he'll likely bum-rush you. In this room, you'll find three raised cylinders on either side--climb up the grates just below to reach them. As you do, a guard will step nearby--pull him off with a quick tap of the 'Attack' button. Also, be cautious of a shield equipped enemy who'll attack as well. Otherwise, aim for any visible segments of his body (such as his legs, or shooting hand) and follow-up with some finishing shots when he cowers from the blast. Now if the enemy manages to gain the upper hand and grab you, the game will enter slow-motion, giving you a short chance to counter by tapping 'Triangle.' After clearing the area, climb a blue pipe just right of the machine gun and climb through the window at the top. Now that you're on the roof, take a moment for a quick swim to hear some amusing dialog. Once across, you'll find a walkway on the left that leads right to the window, allowing you inside. Take cover inside the truck bed and target the enemies inside a second truck on the right. Although things may seem quiet now, they won't be for long. Don't bother with him, as an explosion behind him will take care of him for you. Once they're down, climb the stairs and take cover by the low wall at the top to target two enemies rappelling down the left wall. For this one, it's best to consult your journal (or the pictures of it below). Now continue hanging here for cover, as some enemies are inbound from ahead--take them down. Once you've everyone except the gunner, climb up the wall on the left (via a blue ledge) to a walkway just left of the gunner. Now approach said statue and insert your key into it, causing one of three blades to drop. What's an Uncharted game without a high-speed chase sequence involving tons of vehicles (never mind the fact this is only the second game in the series). Sneak up behind the first guard, who's looking at the table, and take him down quietly. 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Beyond the gate is another guard-filled room, and you'll have to clear most of them out in order to proceed. Shortly thereafter, the helicopter will destroy the building, sending in on a collision course with another. Try and take down the snipers first (as visible by their targeting lasers), but refocus your attention to the bridge of any enemies try to cross--especially a group of three heavily armored foes (you don't want them to get close!). Climb the bricks to you left to a red wooden beam you can sidle along to a walkway. After riding the vertical cog, you'll spot a large spinning wheel-type thing blocking the path. Continue along the path, through the forest, to the second camp, where you'll watch a cutscene. Share: stLight.options({ publisher:'2c893999-73ed-42d5-9497-31507d2d27d5' }); Categories: News, PS3 News, Videos, Walkthroughs. With the bridge destroyed, run toward the camera and hop through the opening into the house. Following the flashback, press any button to have Nate regain his composure. Keep in mind that the red generator in the center can be detonated with a few shots, taking down several enemies at once. The fire's glow reveals a trail of blood; although you can follow it around the room, it's simply easier to head right for where it leads. (and don't worry about the tank that busts through the wall--you'll be running from it a lot). Now take cover behind one of the low barriers and use said weapon to take down the remaining baddies, including a shotgun toting fellow below. Sneak up behind him for a stealth takedown, then quickly head left inside to stealth kill another. Now swing from the right-most street lamp to the nearby awning. As run dash across the roof, you likely won't be able to make it before the next signal--quickly drop off and hang onto either side of the train car to let it pass, before continuing on to a train car containing a tank. Periodically, after inflicting enough damage, Lazarevic will wince in pain and grow more aggravated. Puzzles Video Guide This video contains all puzzles: Chapter 4 Puzzles Trident Fort Puzzle The trident fort is in the south-east of the map, at the top of […] After pulling yourself up, follow your partner into the next room, which is a seeming dead-end. However, if they do notice a targeting laser steadying in on you, simply roll to throw it off. Oh look, two more guards ahead! Grabbing hold of a moving train? Inside the temple, head into the next room ahead, containing a large statue. After the grenade tutorial, we suggest taking cover on the right side of the doorway (just left of where you started) and using this position to open fire on the inbound enemies. At the top, leap to a ledge opposite Drake, then catch Elena as she jumps across herself. After the helicopter passes, you'll notice an enemy stationed just across from you--take him out with a head shot. When clear, lower the raised bridge via the crank on the right and cross over. You can't stealth kill them, but you can melee attack them to death. Your first priority should be to take down the distant snipers as well as the machine gunner below--we recommend throwing all of your grenades at him, then finishing him off with gun fire. Clamber up the closed gate to a wooden panel above and sidle left along it and leap to the walkway. We suggest climbing up the first left ledge you can, and proceeding into the mostly-destroyed building ahead, taking cover by the low wall on the right. All refreshed? Once there, push the cart blocking the door aside and head inside. Time your melee attacks and counters to push him behind you, then quickly dart to the other side of the car and take cover behind another seat there. Help your friend clear the debris from the exit, then follow him out and quickly follow him across the gap. After pulling yourself up, follow the path up and climb up into the building, and follow it to the far room. With the area clear, it's time to arm the four explosives--all can be found at water-level. Keep an eye out for a couple of scattered bright-red generators--shooting these causes a massive explosion, taking out any nearby baddies. A cannister on the ground, if shot early, can take most of them down. Instead, climb up some bricks on the right up to some ledges you can grip above--follow them left, then drop to the platform adjacent to the top-right hand. With the area cleared, enter the shack to trigger a cutscene. Now do you see the plantation in the center? Descend the staircase and follow the path, leading into the base of the Tree of Life. There are four swords embedded in the wall--simply turn them so the stabby end is facing down (if you haven't touched them yet, you should only have to rotate two of them). Follow the walkway and proceed up the stairs--immediately seek cover at the top, either behind the nearby box or low wall ahead, and take down the attacking enemies (ignore the central gunner for now). Continue onward around a central structure to a pair of statues--climb the headless one on the right and continue onward. The game will then walk you through how to use them, resulting in the first two enemies being killed easily. Remain here until the enemy on the left turns around, then sneak up behind him for another silent kill. Take cover by the window inside the train car and open fire on the enemies beyond. More enemies will be waiting for you there, so we suggest jumping to the roof's ledge for cover and tackling them while hanging (this will help you evade an incoming signal as well). The easiest way to do this is to run circles around the room (in whichever direction is away from the creature) while firing at him while on the move. Target the closer enemies first, and save your grenades for enemies that group together. With the cylinders lowered, climb the stairs up to their level and leap to the first one. With Chloe at your side, toss her up to a ladder in the same room as the circuit breaker, then follow her up after she kicks down the ladder. This wheel can be rotated to display one of six symbols--you have to find the one that matches each painting. Oh great, this next room is filled to the brim with baddies--time to put those stealth skills to work! Once you clear 'em all out, follow the walkway to compete the chapter. From the roof, peer over the interior ledge to begin targeting the enemies within. Grab his ammo then continue through the wreckage ahead to a closed door you can bust through. Kill the enemy there, but grab his rocket launcher and fire it at the tank. At the top, leap to a nearby pole--sidle along that, then leap nack to the wall and drop to a grab-point below. But not Nathan Drake. Quickly run along the path to a stairwell, leading into a house at the top. From it, leap to the rooftop behind it, then to another on the right--take the zip line there…even if it does break halfway. Climb up the orange train car on the far side (via the boxes just in front of it), then leap to another on the left using the boxes by the window. If you've stopped close to one to wait for Lazarevic, make sure you're far enough away that he can't use it against you. Jump across the gap using a blue pole you can swing from and clamber up the wall. Now jump to the balcony and then to the street sign, which you can use to safely drop to ground level. Remain here for now and lay into him with whatever you've got. Wait for things to cool down, then target the remaining enemies. Now take cover behind the low wall and target the enemies in the building across the street. Make sure to target any enemies who attempt to approach before they get too close, keeping a close eye for those trying to sneak up via the right or left windows. After the cutscene, proceed into the back area just beyond it, which will cause two superhuman warriors to appear. Follow that to a gated window you can climb, then to a pair of ledges you can sidle along to the window you can drop to, then inside. Proceed up the staircase when clear. Wait here while your partner tosses another grappling hook, before leaping to the rope. Thankfully, they have a large blast radius--as long as Lazarevic is somewhere nearby, he'll feel the heat. Leap from the concrete beam extending outward to a series of flag poles you start swinging from. Simply climb up the train just as you did before at the start of the game. After landing on the lower roof, you'll spot some enemies shooting at something--if you have a grenade, toss it between them to quickly murder them all. Continue onward to chapter 6! With the room cleared, clamber up the back wall to an opening above and drop through the hole inside. Follow the walkway to a series of red beams ahead you can use to reach an open window. Climb that too, then leap from its right side to a blue pole on the nearby building. Well, sort of…. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves picks up the story of Nathan Drake, a fortune hunter with a shady reputation and an even shadier past who is lured back into the treacherous world of thieves and mercenary treasure-seekers. As soon as you grab hold of the pole, several platforms will emerge from the wall. Follow that right, then drop to a walkway below. To get there, simply jump across a pair of wooden beams! Now push forward to a rocky wall that you can clamber up and follow the trail to a ledge you can drop off. Sorry, but you can't access this content! Climb the staircase to the first hallway, and take cover at the corner inside to take down two enemies. With the room clear, climb the stairs up to the doorway the hunters came from, and continue up a long series of staircases to where your treasure awaits. When you reach the kitchen, follow a girder extending outside and leap to a hanging pole, which you can use to reach the floor above. Dishonored 2 - Jindosh Riddle Puzzle Solution (Eureka Achievement) Nov 16, 2016 Guide on how to complete the Jindosh Riddle in Dishonored 2. With the cameraman weighing you down, you won't be going anywhere fast. After the battle, follow your best friend back into the previous room and give him a lift to the ladder. You'll want to duck into a thin path on the left, where you'll find a ladder. Quickly drop to the left side of the train for both protection from the lights, as well as from the chopper, and sidle along the ledge to the next platform. Just beyond are two more; kill them before dropping off the ledge and then climbing the tall wall ahead. Oh well--climb down a ladder by the lever to a ledge below, then leap to a hanging chain ahead, using it to reach a far girder. Instead, look for a traffic light pole you can climb, near the destroyed VW Bug, on the left side of the street (assuming you're facing the bus).